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"Cuisine is both an art and a science: it is an art when it strives to bring about the realization of the true and the beautiful, called le bon (the good) in the order of culinary ideas. As a science, it respects chemistry, physics and natural history. Its axioms are called aphorisms, its theorems recipes, and its philosophy gastronomy."

Lucien Tendret








Warm goat’s milk cheese,

gooseberry jam, honeyed cherry tomatoes, 

beet - balsamic vinegarand sea buckthorn gel

EUR 6.50

Fried duck salad,

grilled pear in syrup, orange fillets, lettuce,

sea buckthorn sauce and caramelized nuts

EUR 8.95

Salmon fillet tartar,

quinoa matured in beet juice, quail eggs,

pickled shallots, capers, horseradish yogurt

EUR 7.50

Caesar salad,

bread toasts, quail eggs, anchovy egg sauce, Grana Padano cheese


-with tiger prawns fried in garlic butter 4 pc / 8 pc / 12 pc

EUR 9.70/ 14.15 / 18.00

-with grilled chicken

EUR 7.00

-with fried bacon

EUR 7.20

Venison carpaccio,

fried capers, pickled quail eggs, wild mushrooms,

mustard-hemp oil sauce, arugula salad, Parmesan cheese

EUR 12.00

Herring fillet marinated in Riga Black Balsam,

cottage cheese, tarragon matured cucumbers, sour cream,

salmon caviar and honeyed rye bread

EUR 7.00

Mushroom and asparagus julienne

with lettuce and cheddar toast

EUR 8.25



Shell fried scallops,

purple potato puree, dried ham flakes, sweat peas,

carrot – coriander sauce and apple salad

EUR 15.50



  Baked potato rosti,

lightly salted salmon fillet, quail eggs, bow cream,

salmon caviar and lettuce

EUR 8.70




Fish soup,

sea trout, mussels, sea knives, white fish fillet, tiger prawn, fresh greens

EUR 7.80

Beef broth soup with bolete and root vegetables

EUR 6.00

Oven baked pumpkin cream soup,

brandy flamed duck liver, herb – chili oil and fried leeks

EUR 5.50

Spicy tomato – quince creme soup,

cheese snowballs, seed bread toast and young seedlings

EUR 5.50



Lamb cream soup,

basmati rice, coriander, root vegetables

EUR 6.90 





Beef fillet medallions,

pumpkin - sea buckthorn puree, caramelized onions,

creamy barley and port wine sauce

EUR 13.00


Grilled salmon fillet,  

potato puree, pickled fennel, zucchini, Borlotti beans, sauce Américaine

EUR 13.20

Fried chicken breast filled with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes,

jacket potato with herb butter, smoked paprika and

grilled vegetable ratatouille, white wine-crawfish tail sauce

EUR 9.60

Honey roasted duck breast with asparagus,

sweet potato puree, cherries, Hollandaise and port wine sauce

EUR 15.00

Slowly cooked lamb neck chop,

 honey glazed root vegetables, cranberries in syrup

and beet – red wine sauce

EUR 16.00

Rabbit chop fried in nutmeg butter,

lentil – carrot stew, fried rabbit livers, honeyed carrots and cranberry sauce



EUR 16.00

Slowly cooked matured beef entrecote,

grilled vegetables, celery puree and tubular bone brain – red wine butter

EUR 18.00



 Whole fried plaice fillet,

 potato – spinach puree, butter fried vegetables and tarragon – lemon butter

EUR 12.00



   Baked Latvian catfish fillet

with pearl couscous prepared in carrot juice,

lightly pickled fennel, potato puree, butter fried leeks and lemongrass cream sauce

EUR 14.50



 Pearl barley porridge with fried tomatoes,

spinach, baked Latvian brie cheese, caramelized nuts

and gooseberry chutney (Latvian, vegetarian)

EUR 6.90




Mixed spinach salad,

cherry tomatoes, salad dressings and parmesan cheese

EUR 3.50

Steamed jasmine rice

EUR 3.50

Grilled seasonal vegetables

with basil pesto and greens

EUR 3.50

Potato puree with spinach and nutmeg butter

EUR 3.50

Boiled or fried new potatoes

EUR 3.50


Lasagna from homemade pasta with mushrooms,

spinach, cherry tomatoes and truffle - egg sauce

EUR 8.95

Fettuccine with seafood,

tomato concasse, spinach and parmesan cheese

(mussels, prawns, butter fish, salmon fillet)

EUR 12.00

Zucchini pasta with asparagus (gluten-free),

grilled cottage cheese, cream sauce, cherry tomatoes

EUR 9.50





Cottage cheese mousse with honeyed rye bread,

raspberry sauce, sea buckthorn meringue and caramelized pumpkin seeds

EUR 5.00

Caramel crème brulee with citrus gel,

canola pastry crisp and fresh berries

EUR 5.00

Chocolate fondant

with Riga Black Currant balsam - forest berry ice cream

EUR 5.00

Fresh berry tart with citrus cream,

burned meringue and fresh berries

EUR 5.00



Homemade ice-cream selection (4 scoops),

ask waiter for options

EUR 5.00









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