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Lobby Bar

open hours 12:00-24:00 (or last visitor) 





From 3PM - 5PM 

30% discount on beer, cocktails, drinks and bar food




Vegetable spring rolls

with sweet plum and chili sauce 

EUR 6.50



Caesar salad, seed bread toasts, quail eggs, anchovy egg sauce, Grana Padano cheese


- with tiger prawns fried in garlic butter  


EUR 9.70



- with grilled chicken  


EUR 7.00

Salmon fillet tartar,

quinoa matured in beet juice, quail eggs, pickled shallots,

capers, horseradish yogurt

EUR 7.50

Beef tartar, 

anchovy sauce, greens, toasted garlic bread, marinated fennel

EUR 8.50

Cheese selection with gooseberry - apple chutney,

onion marmalade and prosciutto ham

(cheese clumps, ash camembert cheese, parmesan cheese, dor blu cheese, cheddar cheese) 

EUR 10.00



Smoked hunter`s sausages,

fried onion rings, pickled vegetables, rosemary fried potato wedges, barbecue sauce 


 EUR 7.70



Avalon Club Sandwich,

toasted bread, smoked bacon, cheese, tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, French Fries, tomato sauce, mayonnaise 

EUR 8.50

Royal beef burger,

tomatoes, cheese, mustard sauce, onions, lettuce, tomato sauce,

French Fries, garlic aioli 

EUR 9.00



Beef burgers A’la Asia,

 egg noodles, beef, fresh vegetables, chili, lettuce 


 EUR 8.50

Pasta Carbonara

EUR 7.50

Fish and chips,

deep-fried fish in batter with sweet potato fries and caper - mustard aioli

EUR 11.00

Breaded, fried seafood selection

with garlic aioli, chili sauce and potato chips (squid, salmon fillet, prawns)


EUR 13.00



Garlic bread


EUR 3.50




Potato Chips Pringles


EUR 3.50 


Salted Peanuts/ 


EUR 2.50 


Cheesecake with Riga black balsam

EUR 5.00

Chocolate fondant

with Riga Blackcurrant balsam - forest berry ice cream

EUR 5.00